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I wanted to give you all some advice regarding depositing money in Gambling/Betting/Gaming sites.  I know a lot of people have been refused various products because they like a bet.  Surely that is not a crime, and having disposable income to gamble should not mean you are penalised.  Sadly it does.  To get around this and also to keep an eye on how much I am betting I use a Skrill account.  This can be used to pay for almost anything safely online.  It also means the nasty credit agencies cannot see that I like a bet and what I do with my cash.

There is no massive sign up bonus or free bets or anything else. What it does do is give you the peace of mind.  Here is a little about them.

Skrill has been making digital payments simple, secure and quick since 2001. We’re an acknowledged world-leader in developing global payment solutions for people’s business and pleasure, whether they’re depositing funds on a gaming site, buying online or sending money to family and friends. We also meet the needs of businesses worldwide, helping them build a global customer base and drive growth. Skrill is a truly global company. Based at our London headquarters and our offices throughout Europe and the US, our staff of over 500 represents more than 30 nationalities.

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