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Hello everyone. I’m Dave and I’m new to the Brotherhood. I’ve played Poker both recreationally and for a small time, I played semi-pro. I’ve had some big wins, I’ve grinded 6 tables at once online and I’ve had my fair share of bat beats.

I’ve come back to playing some online poker as I am now writing a few blog posts and I have a lot of spare time to make money on the side. I’ve been playing on 888 with a small bankroll and the £20 they give you for free with the offer below and I’ve had around $500 of tournament cashes.

If you have a poker brain and you are a little bit savvy, there is plenty of money to be made. You get a ton of free tickets for freerolls to build a bankroll from nothing and lots of competitions and promotions to win extra money.

They have lots of tournaments in the 50c, $1, $2, $3 and $5 ranges that offer huge payouts. The one I like is the big fish $5.50 buy in which runs twice a day and usually has a $10k or $15k guaranteed prize pool which pays around $1000-1500 for first place. It’s a 1500 or so field so not the easiest to take down, but I’ve now cashed in it (approx top 160) around 4 times now. That with only 2-3 weeks of play. You can even qualify for a free ticket with several 50c buy in satellites a day or by using loyalty points. To freeroll it even further.

I’ve also been using Poker Copilot which is a hand tracking application which will track all my opponent’s hands and give me an insight into how they play. Follow our link below to get your copy and a 30-day free trial!

Poker CoPilot 30-Day Trial

Good luck at the tables and keep tuned for my articles on how to improve your low stakes tournament and cash play, as well as other poker site deals that might be of interest.