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Bet365 are giving money away again with the same amazing offer from last season.   They are offering to match any pre-match bet with a matched risk free in play Bet up to £50.  How is this giving money away you might ask, well with this full proof plan you can win up to £152 without any risk at all.  In fact the lowest you will profit for the game is £2  plus all your stakes back. How can I do this you may ask. All you need to do is place the following bets at the times specified.

Arsenal V Liverpool

Before 2000 Monday – £50 Pre-match Over 0.5 Goals (1/25)

Straight after kick off on Monday – £50 In Play(risk Free) on a draw (3/1)


A goal is scored and the game is not a draw, the pre-match bet wins and you receive £52.00 and your £50 back for the losing in-play bet. Profit= £2.00

The score is 0-0 you lose pre-match bet but win the in play draw bet making £200 minus the £50 stake on over 0.5 goals. Profit = £100.00

The score is 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 you win both bets Profit = £152.00

They are also offering a massive 100% initial deposit boost up to £200 so even more reason to do this. Click here to sign up.  Please use my links to take advantage of the offer.  Drop me a message should you require help with this.