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is there anything worse than when a fine wine loses its ability to excite?  Sadly that can be said of the red side of Manchester currently.  Whilst over the fence city are being lauded for performances, Manchester United won by the odd goal in a tepid encounter to kick off the season.

Of course this is nothing new, in fact its the status quo.  Mourinho is obviously trying to shift the blame on everybody but him,  Something that most managers do but he is a Jedi at.  Ever since Sir Alex Ferguson the reds have struggled to get a manager that will bring back both the trophies and also the style of play.   Now in his 3rd season Mourinho has continually bleated about not having money to spend or the board not getting the players he wants through the door.

The smokescreen is so thin now however and with all his rivals looking stronger and crucially more entertaining the current biggest club in the world are floundering.  In fact I consider the 13/8** with Bet365 for them to not make the top 4 a very good bet.

A quick look at the rivals for the top 4 and you see that its two from Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United given I feel Manchester City and Liverpool will be the top two.  Chelsea have to get to the end of the month without losing Willian and Hazard and if they do will definitely finish in the top 4.  Tottenham will need to be wary of their player having had tough World Cups but again simply have more all round than Manchester United.  Arsenal did not cover themselves with glory in a tough opening day game but will improve a little.  of all the teams in the rest of the Prem I would give Everton the best chance of making the top 4.  They have recruited well and will be in the top half definitely.

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**Odds correct at time of writing