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17th of December – Bank £20.00

The challenge, snowball number 2 is underway.

I’m scouring the markets on Betfair as I type. Could be some IR action on the darts but in the shorter formats upsets are rife, a careful approach will be taken. Might be some action at Molineux especially late in the game.

Bet 1

With the score at 1-0 and over 1.5 at 1.17 in Wolves v Leeds we’re on. Bet 1 of take 2 snowball challenge has been placed.

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I have long been an advocate of in-play betting and last night I was able to secure bets 1 and 2 in the quest to turn £20 in to a ‘bag of sand’. I only had one eye on the Wolves v Leeds game but from the opening 15/20 minutes I watched you could see there were goals in it.

After Wolves opener I unleashed the first wager of the campaign on over 1.5 goals at odds of 1.17 securing a profit of £3.23 after commission around 25 minutes after placing the bet. At this point I fully intended to leave it and watch some of the darts but after a bite to eat I thought I try sweep some late profit as people were frantically ‘greening up’ and ‘cashing out’.


The 4th official awarded 5 minutes of added time and with Leeds leading 3-2 they were available to back at 1.05/1.06. I was tempted to go in at this point but held firm and waited until about 30s to go, as he ball aimlessly dribbled out for a goal kick I pulled the trigger at 1.02. After the 8 second in-play countdown the bet was matched and almost immediately the whistle blower brought the curtain down on an entertaining game and Molineux.


I really recommend people get involved with in-play betting, I am sure I will use it fairly frequently during this challenge. Just watching a match for a few minutes gives you a good feel for how it will play out. The phenomenon of ‘cashout’ also presents great value (yes short price) opportunities late in a game by backing the opposing bets of those using the feature.

Bets 3 and 4 – Tap Tap Boom

I hate Betfair’s ‘Tap Tap Boom’ marketing campaign but in the same manner as  I get the ‘fist pump’ from Just Eat the Betfair app served me well this weekend and I was high giving a little fist pump as the goals hit the back of the net in Sainsbury’s.

I must confess I was bored out of my (Christmas) tree being dragged from shop to shop so I dropped the shoulder and nipped off to the betting office and studied the back pages of the Racing Post.

Bet number three was placed with a couple of clicks on the Betfair app. Over 0.5 goals at 1.09 in the Watford v Liverpool game at Vicorage Road. No sooner had the bet been struck and I was feeling that winning glow as £2.13 dropped in to the account, three bets down a lot more to go.

Hot on the heels of the Watford goal fest I was tap, tap booming again. After seeing Leeds on Thursday last week I could see no way there wouldn’t be goals in this one. In I went again, Over 0.5 goals. I must confess I was mildly concerned when it was 0-0 at half time but fear not, Leeds came up with the goods and after four winning bets I’m closing in on the £30 mark.

Bet 5 – Placed and won, balance now at £36.30

Once again, in the midst of a state of Christmas boredom I found myself back on the Betfair App. How times have changed since I had the last attempt at snowball bet in 2009. I was sat wrapping presents and bordering on a major sulk when like a mirage the gold of Arsenal glimmered on the TV. Tap Tap boom Mr Bonus Bagger is unleashing the massive (and growing) balance of £29.11 on over 1.5 goals at odds of 1.26.

Much like the night before it was a slow start but a quick fire double from the Gunners gave the balance a hefty boost all the way to a whopping £36.30. A big mental barrier in this challenge is reaching the £50 mark and this should be achieved in the next two bets. It’s going to be quiet for a few days now but I’m sure come Boxing Day I’ll be wading in again and increasing my probability of success to around 5% as we break the £50 mark.

Off to twist a colleagues arm into opening at Will Hill account now and take advantage of the £10k offer….

No Racing these next few days so will be having a go at the Casino or maybe Bingo !

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