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On 7th Nov 2015, 40 players of Sky Sports Super6 shared a payout of £250,000, thus collecting £6,250 each.

Super6 is free to enter and many people enjoy taking part just for the fun of it, and hoping one day that their predictions will come up.

The question is are the 40 that won all happy with their £6,250 for free, or are they disappointed not to have scooped the lot?

If it were me then I would fall into the latter camp. However, let me let you into a little secret; I’ll never be disappointed on their scale for two reasons.

  • I always select at least one ‘out of the ordinary’ score line. On 7th Nov I put Leicester down for a 3-2 win at home to Watford
  • I back my selections with a betting company, for as little as 20p

Let’s look at the results on 7th Nov.

Leicester 2-1 Watford

Man Utd 2-0 West Brom

Norwich 1-0 Swansea

Sunderland 0-1 Southampton

West Ham 1-1 Everton

Brighton 2-1 MK Dons

Unusually all these scores were eminently predictable, with no unusual results or high scoring games. And this presents a problem in a pool based game, such as Super6, whereby if they are easy to predict, then lots of people will predict them, and IF you are a winner then you will be very likely to share the pool with a lot of people. It’s the equivalent of backing the favourite in every leg of a Jackpot bet at a horserace course; yes you might win, but so will lots of other people.

So the answer is to minimise the chance of sharing the pool (option 1 above) and backing your selections with a betting company (option 2).

You might be surprised how quickly a payout can multiply on correct score odds. Typically a 2-1 home win will be around the 15/2 or 8/1 mark. The shortest correct score price for any game is normally around 6/1. Multiply 6/1 six times and you get cumulative payout of £117,649 for a £1 stake. 15/2 multiplied six times pays £377,149 to a £1 stake.

I backed my selections this week and the payout to £1 was over £2.5m! So why did I bet just 20p?

All betting companies have maximum payouts, make sure you check their payout conditions. The company I used has a maximum of £500,000 for football betting. So I bet just 20p to ensure that I didn’t greatly exceed their maximum payout for the lowest stake possible.

The best Football odds bookie for 4 of the last 5 years is Bet Victor who have a £500,000 limit.  Therefore I would use them.  They offer a £25 matched bet to get you started.

Bet365 have an upper limit of £2 Million and they match any deposit up to £200 

If I had won this week there’s no telling how many people I might have shared the Super6 payout with, but one thing was for sure. I’d have won £500,000 no matter what Super6 paid.

So next time you’re making your Super6 selections, do the sensible thing and back them as well. You might be thanking yourself one day that you did.